Marc Scibelli

Marc Scibelli

Partner - Innovation

Over the last 20 years Marc has been creating and leading business innovation teams that combine design-thinking with business value creation. His career spans creative agencies like McCann-Erickson to business software companies like Infor and most recently leading product teams at Facebook.

As the head of product design and innovation at Infor, Marc worked on designing industry-grade business software, and has been recognized as someone who pioneered the consumerization of the industry.

At Infor Marc helped to create Hook & Loop — an internal creative think-tank that partnered a creative agency with business software experts. Marc focused on driving Infor’s products past the foundational needs of technology to creating sustainable business value for its end-users.

We needed a team that was obsessed with new things by the day. We had to push the limits of technology. We couldn’t wait until something was mainstream.

Charles Phillips
CEO, Infor

Marc is also responsible for creating a new digital consulting practice at Infor guiding large customers to strategically leverage industry best-practices and develop tech-driven next-practices resulting in entirely new growth opportunities and value creation.

Marc meeting with FIT

At Arcspring, Marc leads a diverse team of strategists and innovative design thinkers that are dedicated to delivering value innovation through our digital pivot strategy.

Prior to Arcspring, Marc led a team at Facebook focused on their emerging B2B tools for combining business workflows with social team-collaboration driving Facebook’s entry into the enterprise market.

Scibelli shares a Pulitzer Prize for information graphics and has a B.S. in visual communications with degrees in advertising and design from State University of New York.