Simon Angove

Simon Angove

Managing Partner

Simon has over 25 years of leadership experience in technology, having both launched innovative start-ups and run large companies and divisions.

Prior to Arcspring, Simon was CEO of Superion, a Vista Equity Partners company and software provider to North American public sector agencies. Simon led a comprehensive transformation in every area of the business focused on product innovation, go-tomarket execution, operational efficiency, and high-performing talent while achieving revenue and profit targets. In late 2018, Simon leveraged the newly transformed Superion platform to merge with two large rivals in a multi-billion-dollar transaction that created CentralSquare, with #1 market share in public safety software. In the year following the merger, Simon drove the rapid and successful integration of the businesses, establishing a unified company and achieving synergy targets well ahead of schedule. During Simon’s tenure, he worked closely with public sector leaders to deploy disruptive digital technologies like artificial intelligence and the internet of things to transform government operations and power superior citizen experiences.

Angove oversaw one of the largest-ever mergers in the government technology space.

Financial Post
March 2019

Before Superion, Simon led and grew the new global business units focused on digital solutions at Verint, a public global billion-dollar provider of software for customer engagement and cybersecurity. The digital business units, assembled through multiple acquisitions over a 5-year period, established new sources of growth beyond the slowing core business in areas like digital engagement, identify analytics, social communities, and digital feedback management. In this role, Simon worked with leading global companies on how to leverage these technologies to transform the customer engagement from traditional face-to-face and phone interactions to more profitable digital engagements. During Simon’s time at Verint the market capitalization of the company doubled in size.


At Arcspring Simon focuses on deal sourcing and execution, value creation and portfolio company monitoring.

Prior to Verint, Simon was a serial entrepreneur, starting, leading, and growing innovative software companies in areas such as cloud computing, video analytics, and workforce optimization, the last of which he sold to Verint in 2011.

Simon is a native of England and has lived in the United States for over 20 years. He has a BSc. in General Management from Boston College.